Students in the Residential Leadership Community are required to take an LDRS course in each of their first two semesters. Additional leadership courses are offered as an option as part of the Leadership and Social Change Minor.

LDRS 1015:  Exploring Citizen Leadership (Foundations)

Fall semester, 3 credit hours

This introductory leadership course explores the language, theories, values, and competencies of leadership.  Participants will look at leadership challenges such as change, diversity, conflict, and self-awareness. Through examination of both historical and contemporary leaders and leadership philosophies, models, community members will be immersed in an experience that will help them to gain knowledge and develop skills of a socially responsible leader.

In this course, students will also engage with university instructors who will facilitate discussions on the transition to college as well as leadership development through the lens of the student experience.

LDRS 1016:  Exploring Citizen Leadership (Praxis)

Spring semester, 3 credit hours

“Praxis” is a Greek word that means action with reflection. Praxis is a process: doing – reflecting – deciding– changing – new doing.  During the Spring semester, students work with peers in the Residential Leadership Community on a collaborative project in conjunction with a community or university partner organization that is working to enhance the quality of life for the community at large. Using the Social Change Model as a framework for the course students will explore processes of shared leadership and reflect on ways that their individual strengths and leadership styles can be applied in the broader university and society.

Leadership & Social Change Minor

Students' courses are interactive and encourage peer learning.
Students share creative reflections on their leadership philosophy at “This I Believe”

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