Our Vision

Inspiring leadership for life.

Our Mission

The Residential Leadership Community fosters the discovery, scholarship, and practice of leadership in a collaborative living and learning environment.

Our Values

Integrity is living an authentic and honest life and recognizing that trust is the key fundamental to leadership and relationships. We uphold a high standard of ethical conduct which is reflective of strong moral character and commitment to our shared values. 

Social Responsibility 
Social responsibility is recognizing that leadership is best learned through service; seeking to be leaders who uphold and embrace the university motto of Ut Prosim; and recognizing leadership not as a position but as a responsibility as a global citizen to create positive change for the greater good. 

All are welcome. Inclusivity is encouraging and valuing/respecting multiple perspectives, with the belief that our differences add value to our experience. It is recognizing that everyone has unique strengths and that the best teams and organizations are made up of diverse individuals. 

Personal Growth 
Everyone is on a learning journey. Growth in knowledge, awareness, understanding, and skills. Seeking out opportunities for improvement. Leadership starts with self and with personal transformation; before we seek to enact change in others we must start with our self. Seeking out opportunities to lead through involvement. leadership development is a lifelong journey, not a momentary endeavor. 

Meaningful Relationships 
Relationships are the heart of life and leadership. Building relationships with faculty and other students is part of the design of the RLC. The challenges of our world can’t be solved alone — it will take teamwork and therefore the ability to work together to seek to understand one another and help each other grow. 

Scholarly Endeavors 
Leadership as an academic field has a rich history from which we can learn about the culture and context of society and human relationships. Through scholarly endeavors such as academic study, research, publications, and presentations, we advance our knowledge about leadership and help shape the future of leadership theory and practice for the next generation.


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